Sunday, November 9, 2014

Release of US Prisioners by North Korea

   US has always said that it is not her policy to negotiate with terrorists and oppressive regimes, but, this tall claim was shattered when US sent in its top intelligence official on behalf of POTUS, to secure the release of the damned men held captive in North Korea over various alleged charges.
 US of A is a mighty nation and it has all the right to be at the top, because of the hardworking middle class that work 24/ 7 to help US retain its position, the hardworking people augmented by strong judicial system and armed forces helps US maintain its position at the top.
   It must be understood though that despite all its glory and charm; US has no right to meddle in other states' affairs because it herself do not follow the path it has selected for herself.
   US claims to be champion of freedom of expression, but, cannot take the truth brought out by Snowden.
   US wants privacy for its citizens, but is evedroping on all the people around the world.
   US wants to give all the rights to its people and even animals, but, has denied the same to all the human beings in its captivity.
   US wants to make its shores safe but takes no time to incriminate shores of alien/ foreign lands.
   US wants to safeguard its citizens but put pressure on other nations to release wanted and known criminals of US Oregon ( Remember Raymond Davis - US contractor who killed two men in broad daylight and was flown out of Pakistan in a second).
   With power comes great responsibility, it is good that US takes care of its citizens and interests, but, at the place that US enjoys; it must take care of the other less fortunate nations to ensure a balanced world system. As one sided policy of arm twisting never works, it did not worked for the Germans after WW1, not worked for the Chinese and certainly not working with the Russians.
   All the best for the released captives Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller, it will be great if they become the ambassadors of the true US dream as was dictated by the "Declaration of Independence".

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