Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pakinstan a failed State???

   Nations are gauged by many indicators such as
      Economic Index.
      Law & Order Situation.
      Foreign Investment.
      Poverty Index.
      Justice and Equality.
      Human Rights
   The list is long but there is an addition in it and that is connectivity which has shrunk the world from global village into a global house,taking a prominent place in our lives via telephones, social media sites like facebook, twitter  etc. Sometimes, making it more necessary than food, water, shelter and civic services.
   If we take this premise as correct then this importance facet also can gauge the country's progress.
   Pakistan, is already affected by all the factors that are a great hindrance in the growth of any nation. But, in the global house where communication has a supreme place, cutting off this vital aspect from ones life can be deemed as a downward trend for any nation.
   Alas, this factor is seriously hampered in Pakistan. During most of the important events, communications are blocked be it Muharram, National Event(s), Political gathering by "Billo Rani" or any other major political player. On daily basis we observe this aspect whenever our high and mighty rulers travel amongst their masses. Beside road blocks, deafening hooters, butcher faced guards and their fortress like vehicles, they are often accompanied by jammers which disrupt communication all around.
   Keeping in view the importance of communication in our lives, sudden breakdown of this necessity takes a toll on the mental psyche of the people. Other then routine calls they cannot report a crime, cannot reach out relatives/ friends in case of emergency etc.
   Mere closing down of communication network proves following
     No writ of the government.
     No or negligible intelligence coverage.
     Strong nexus between LEAs and the perpetrators.
     No or lack of will to curb the menace leading to the communication    shutdown.
     Total ignorance towards the basic rights of the residents.
     Authoritative regimes rather then democracy.
  It is just a suggestion that instead of blocking the communication tools of the masses, our leaders must instill a will to make our country a progressive industrial nation. This is the only way that will take us out of the proxy wars undertaken by our friends and foes alike. Without an honest and dedicated leadership with a clear and defined path the ship of our nation will wander directionless in the wide ocean.

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