Monday, November 10, 2014

Cold War and deline inOil prices

   After reaching record high the oil prices are on a downward trend. It is difficult to understand the phenomenon, as the demand is surging.
   There is an aspect that needs attention, that is, to corner Russia.
   Though it is a far fetched idea, but, in the world where conspiracies are hatched and exposed every other day. This seems to be a plausible conclusion looking at the chain of events that have happened in the near past.
   The wheel was set in motion when Russia tried to flex its muscle to safeguard its national interests.
   Natural gas supply to Europe was hit in the initial phase. Then, when Russia tried to defy the tyranny of the "Champions od Democracy" during Ukrainian crises, it was slammed with sanctions and economic embargo.
   Russian economy has been hit hard by the sanctions.
   Now the stage was set to go for the kill, by lowering the oil prices to a limit that will make Russian economy stagnant and make it stall.
   This is the test for Putin, if he will make it out on the high, then the stage is set for another Cold War. Worse part it if he does not make it out, then no one can predict the chain of events that may follow

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