Monday, August 4, 2014

PTI / PAT Long March - Are we ready for a Revolution?

   No we as a nation are not ready for a Revolution.

   Many of the reader will have a different argument but looking at the circumstances, it is not very difficult to predict, that, we are some light years from any drastic change; what to talk about a revolution.

   We are a naive nation who is made to believe by our political master to be very clever, cunning and bright people when it comes to political twists and turns. This is the only way that our rulers whether military or civil, has managed to rule us that long.

   Coming to the PTI / PAT long march. Yes a ripple will be created, if at all the long march gets going; but, there are likely chances that this march may never materialize. Nawaz Shareef and his government will try to convince the political leaders to stay away from such agitation, failing which, they will resort to the old tactic of bribing the people with temporary relief measures. Few are as under:

   a.   Opening up of CNG 24/7 in the wake of "improving" gas situation in the country
   b.   Reducing the price of petroleum products keeping in view the "global" trends.
   c.   Provision of continuous electricity to the people at "cheaper" rates.
   d.   Distribution of food items (brayani etc) through government ministers and members assembly at the cost of tax payers money.

   The above measures will make our "Awam (Nation)" forget about the miserable failures of the government and there will praises from all quarters on the dividend of democracy and excellent governance skills of the present regime.

   This all will, for sure, fade the zeal of the oppressed for a long march as "change" or "revolution" would already be happening.

   The only fear i have, keeping in view the dictatorial mindset of the Prime minister, it is very likely that he may resort to tactics that are contrary to the above mentioned points. This will for sure set the wheel in motion. Wheel of change, that may come to an abrupt stop on assumption of reign by a third party.

  In any case, the change or a revolution we are dreaming for, or, what our leaders are making us dream for; is a castle in the air.

   No we as a nation are not ready for a Revolution!


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