Friday, August 1, 2014

Israel Palestine Conflict - Massacre of Palestinians

    By definition conflicts means, "A serious incompatibility between two or more opinions, principles or interests" 

   If we take this definition then, there is indeed a serious compatibility issues between occupation forces ( Read Israel) and the occupied species ( Read Palestine). It is infact a conflict between a toy and a machine gun! Here i must say, that, It is astonishing to see blaming of Palestinians by free world regimes still after the occupied forces are on a massacre spree, with their law makers calling to kill the mothers instead of the fighters.

   To me the only one to blame are the Muslim countries, especially the Arabs ( read Arab governments), who like to be Champions of Islam but in fact are just coward rats living their lives off luxuries provided by the West.

   I do not blame Israel as it is the enemy and as wild animal, anything is expected out of them. I also do not blame their watchdog (US Regime, not the people) as it is the job of the dog to wag the tail to every whim and command of their master.

  I blame the Arabs in general and Egyptians in particular, who are directly involved and responsible for the massacre of the Palestinian people. It is the vested interests that are barring them from taking any action against the genocide being carried out by Israel.

  I also blame the Muslim Jehadists who can only wage a war against the Muslim countries as they are funded, trained and equipped by the West. Their influence has increased after the Arab Spring that has gone down in a bad way and has replaced the stable governments with chaos. This is the situation that is being exploited by the Zionist regime to bring hell on earth in Philistine.

   It is time for the people of the world regardless of their race, color and religion to stand up for the peace and stop the elite from the massacre for their own gains. Conflict resolution is the key that requires just treatment to all the factions to achieve a lasting peace.

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