Monday, June 9, 2014

EHM at Work, Again!!!

   With the present government taking helm of affairs the dreaded Economic Hit Men (EHM) are at work again, in Pakistan. There is no denial to that fact that projects of roads and mass transport system is required in any country. But, this is a fact too that these ventures are taken upon when most of the nation is provided with basic amenities.
   In Pakistan, masses does not have, food, water, shelter, basic health care, clean water and many other basic facilities, therefore, starting off with such ambitious projects is nothing but burdening the nation with more debt that it may never be able to repay, eventually becoming a slave nation to the lenders. This is the Capitalist hegemony, that has replaced the colonial rule.
  For those readers who are not aware of the term "EMH" book by John Perkins with the title, "Confessions of a EHM" will serve as a guide and an eyeopener.
   It is time that we as a nation shall take stock of things that behind these glittering construction projects what kind of shackles these rulers are tying around our generation.

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