Sunday, June 8, 2014

Attack on Karachi Airport

   With the attack on yet another Pakistani instillation the debate about good and bad Talibans should be over. It is not a concern of common man, where they come from or where they are funded from. We just want this menace to be eliminated once and for all.
   The system being followed by the terrorists is simple yet very complicated, it can be narrated as follows:
   a.   Fighter (Suicide bomber or the boots on ground).
   b.   Handler
   c.   Teacher ( At the seminaries where "a" are brainwashed).
  d.   Sponsor ( May be CIA, RAW, MOSAD and many more).
   This chain is commonly known to most of Pakistanis, this is why we are not concerned where they are coming from or where they are funded from. It is the duty of the government to protect us.
   An interesting fact about the chain is that most of the people in serial "a" never knows who is there in serial "d". This is the fact that has been time and again proven when we were able to capture any such individual alive (alas all such individuals are later on released by our judicial system on one pretext or another).
  Talibans are the modern form of  Hashshahin, or "Assassins", formed by Hassan bin Sabbah ( حسن صباح‎; 1050s –1124 ). The method of training and execution are the same copy of the old times, only, this time they are equipped with modern weapons (sometime more modern than the security forces they are up against) and almost all the time are well informed with top of the line intelligence techniques. 
   Having said it all, following three steps will ensure respite and an eventual reduction of this threat
   a.   Speedy justice and execution of the verdict.
   b.   Speedy justice and execution of the verdict.
   c.   Speedy justice and execution of the verdict.
  It is time to see which side the government is on after 

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