Friday, January 11, 2013

Qadri's Long March

Tahir ul Qadri is planning to invade Islamabad with approx 4 Million people. The timings are critical, with election  just round the corner, the real motive(s) behind such a grand move is still sketchy.
In my opinion the fallout can be in the following manner:

a. Return of Pervaiz Musharraf.
b. Army's greater role in the new setup.
c. Destruction of the only institution (armed forces) that is a symbol of our national integrity.
d. Taking the chaos to such a level that the "super power" intervention is "unavoidable".
e. Taking out of nuclear arsenal, blaming Pakistan as a failed state.
f.  Weakening us to an extent to give India a leverage to twist Pakistan when and where required.

There are few more, but presently we will focus on the above mentioned points. I will invite comments and clarifications if any. I believe in discussion as it is symbol of a mature mind.