Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Navy Under Attack


1. We all have heard that history repeats itself, from the tragic incident of today i was just wondering that may be history 'repeats' quite often here in my homeland.

2. Before the start of any new operation in the renowned GWOT, such type of incidents are followed or preceded by numerous US high level visits and few odd 'meetings of high ups at undisclosed locations'.

3. This fact is also evident from the recent high level delegations and a meeting between COAS and Gen Petrus at an unprecedented location- Islamabad airport, after which both of the top general flew to some 'undisclosed' destination, moreover, hue and cry on the drone attack, visit of the mighty DG ISI to US may be given as few other references.

4. Like the icing on the cake or climax of a situation, here comes an attack on the innocent people who are trying to earn an honest living in our land of pure.

5. Now we just have to wait for the NEXT BIG OPERATION! In coming days we will see that what operation, a drastic step or out of the box measure(s) taken as a result of todays incident.

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