Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blast at CID Karachi Building

A huge blast ripped through the Karachi CID Building killing and injuring many people. Blasts have become a daily routine of our lives, unfortunately, but to carry out such an activity at place that is declared 'red zone' brings a big question mark on the efficiency of the people who are drawing huge amounts just tp prevent such incidents. A normal commuter on his/her way to Karachi is invariabily stopped at more then a couple of check posts, they do give a 'through' check if they think the vehicle or the passengers are suspicious. It is strange that a large amount of explosive sneaked into the city under the watchful eyes of the law enforcing agencies and then further entered into the 'red zone' to carry out such a devastating explosion.

May be it is time that we look inwards, what i mean to say is that the origin of explosive can be within Karachi then outside.

Remember there are a hundreds of containers that are offloaded every day at KPT and then goes 'missing'.


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