Thursday, January 21, 2010

American State Visitors

I love my country from the core of my heart but yesturday i felt ashamed to be called a Pakistani.
With the Governor general sahab (Mr Gates) and the resident viceroy (Miss Ann Petreson) roaming around like king and queen in the twim city with the sub creatures (us the citizens) were stranded in the traffic for countless hours.
This is not what made me ashamed of being called a Pakistani.
It was the comment from a traffic warden when i inquired about the traffic mess in the city that evening, u all read and tell me how do u feel about it now.
He said," Why are u shouting on us, the town in taken over by the "great" army and its men with valour and courage are showing the visiting king and queen their conqured areas".
I love my country and am madly in love with our armed forces, it was this remark that made me go six feet under and i could not sleep the whole night thinking of why Allah made me born in this piece of land and why not some place else where the leaders and us(the people) had some iota of self esteem and self respect.

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