Friday, December 4, 2009

Process of attrition and annihilation

"Friends of Pakistan" are subjecting this country to a process of attrition, it is a process through which the enemy is slowly bled and made weak in order to gain suitable advantage in terms of manpower and fire power by the adversary for the final blow.

With the recent attack on a Rawalpindi Masjid where a number of people including a general officer and many other high ranking officials were martyred. Assailants has once again proved to us that they are better equipped, well trained and have the best available means of surveillance and high tech communication gadgets available with them.

One wonders from where they are been funded and are getting this cutting edge equipment which as a state Pakistan can't lay her hands on even.

It becomes clear that the master of the terrorists are non other then Pakistan's friends, who are following the policy of attrition to bled our nation, people and the armed forces and are just waiting for the right time to (Allah Forbids) annihilate us.

With all the dirty cash stashed in some cold lockers far away from home, our leaders (both military and civilian) seemed to forget that every one has to go his/her grave.

But this is a thinking of a "fanatic" Muslim and not of the enlightened moderates we are governed by at this frame of time.

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