Friday, December 18, 2009

NRO and its after effects

The recent incident in which the defense minister was stopped and latter on barred from boarding a plane to China shows that in this era there is some law working in the country. It was sad to know that the mighty PM has suspended the officials who tried to implement the law.

One wonders that the people at the helm of affairs do not take such an action when there is some security breach, some bomb blast, some accident occurs. Is it only the personal that matters and that too few high and mighty friends of the state, the judiciary must take into account such acitons as well.

Is there is a system of government remains in Pakistan or we are all being governed by a group of ass, i guess we are.

Cause when the executive head states that a minister cannot be arrested on judicial orders cause he is appointed to arrest the people, what kind of rule of law we are talking about.

We are not governed by people who have the vision even to look beyond their own selfish interests.

It is a mockery going on that needs to be put right by our participation.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 13

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 12

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 11

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 10

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 9

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 8

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 7

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 6

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 5

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 4

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 3

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 2

Ajoka stage play at NAG

Friday, December 4, 2009

Process of attrition and annihilation

"Friends of Pakistan" are subjecting this country to a process of attrition, it is a process through which the enemy is slowly bled and made weak in order to gain suitable advantage in terms of manpower and fire power by the adversary for the final blow.

With the recent attack on a Rawalpindi Masjid where a number of people including a general officer and many other high ranking officials were martyred. Assailants has once again proved to us that they are better equipped, well trained and have the best available means of surveillance and high tech communication gadgets available with them.

One wonders from where they are been funded and are getting this cutting edge equipment which as a state Pakistan can't lay her hands on even.

It becomes clear that the master of the terrorists are non other then Pakistan's friends, who are following the policy of attrition to bled our nation, people and the armed forces and are just waiting for the right time to (Allah Forbids) annihilate us.

With all the dirty cash stashed in some cold lockers far away from home, our leaders (both military and civilian) seemed to forget that every one has to go his/her grave.

But this is a thinking of a "fanatic" Muslim and not of the enlightened moderates we are governed by at this frame of time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eid in Pakistan

Cat is out of the bag

Republicans are making history with their president who came on the promise of "change", being labelled as "yet another" war president. The recent speech by Mr Obama is nothing short of a war speech in which he bulldozed all the ideas and vision of his long and grueling campaign.

He not only proved that he is nothing better then Mr Bush but also exposed his weakness in history. Afghanistan is often called as a grave yard of occupational forces, Alexander the great is an example from the past and U.S.S.R from the recent past and as far the similarity in names exists, U.S.A is also following the path of self destruction.

It is the American public that is be fooled here and are made captive at the whim of the mad men who are making disastrous policies for them. Analytical study of any war has shown that one must eradicate the route cause of the war not the opponent to have a stable peace.

Treaty of Versailles is an example where the hegemonic desires, designs and greed coupled to offer a very limited peace that ended with WW-2. If we analysis the situation in the region it is evident that all the forces, how much they resent one another are together on one agenda. Ouster of US occupation forces.

It is time for the American people to force their government to make a pull out from Afghanistan in order to attain peace and security in the world in general and in the region in particular.