Tuesday, November 24, 2009

US-India honey moon and KSA

It was not a long time back when the Pakistani government tried to broker a peace deal with the "not so fanatic" faction of Taliban. It received a huge hue and cry for the US government and its coronaries and the deal was abandoned in the wake of that pressure. Now the great power of US is negotiating with the so called "less extreme fanatics" faction in Taliban with the help of Saudi government. This shows the real face of the double standards foll wed by the US and it allies.

If this was not enough the US-India honey moon is at the new high point with the incapable Indian premier meeting the incumbent US president both of who are mere puppets with the former being run by a foreign lady and the other by the ever powerful war establishment. Both expressed their deepest concern to apprehend the perpetrators behind the Mumbai drama.

One thing is similar between attack on WTC and Mumbai that they were very poorly staged and were full of faults. It was like a novice director given the charge of multi million film.

The two above mentioned characters sang the song in the same tone.ALAS! We the nation of lions are governed by the sheep, well not sheep but more horrible creatures that do not have an iota of pride in them. Other wise these two characters could not have said this.

I wish and pray that we can get a better leadership who can call a spade a spade and just thrown every foreign power out of our beloved land who is here to spread hatred and act against the will of our people.

It is for the American people interest as well to guard their jobs and do not let the outsiders snatch them thus making them homeless, jobless and without a life!

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