Monday, November 23, 2009

USA, Pakistan and India

Pakistan is supposed to be the closest allies of US in the region outside NATO and former SEATO CENTO nations. By behaving in the way with Pakistan US is showing its true face and worth to the world.

Their policy is acting in a market women's way, where there is tiny bit of interest push an old friend into the drain and get that gain. This attitude is not at all worthy of great nations, we in Pakistan takes US as a great nation but as the actions speaks louder then the words therefore after such a long relationship the US is still considered as enemy number one here.

Ms Hillery Clinton tried to defuse some of the clouds and doubts but as i have mentioned above people require "actions" not "words". Her effort will utterly fail in the face of the false promises by the Obama's administration.

On one hand the US is offering the cutting edge technology to Pakistan's arch rival India without any strings, on the other hands US is making all sort of endeavours that Pakistan is barred from obtaining weapons for its defence from any where in the world.

US is providing India with Nuclear pacts in the face of the fact that the nuclear safe guards standards are non existence in India and there have been many leaks and smuggling of material in India. While there are only promises to "help" Pakistan in water(which the Indians are stealing) and power needs.

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