Monday, November 16, 2009

Prime MInister Galini stance on war on terror

The recent briefing by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he gave the signal of no talks with the "beasts" often called as "zalimans" aka Talibans. Well it is a nice endeavour to say this, but the fact of the matter is all those giving such "strong" statements are living behind more "stronger" security covers.

It is up to the leaders who are giving such statements to move their sweet butts to the front line along with the other brand of leaders who are crying their heart out to do mediation with Taliban.

One faction after the other!

The bunch who is shouting for reconciliation and talks must move ahead without cavalry and do the necessary talking with the other party. If they succeed it will be great for the Taliban, if they fails it would be great for the nation.

The other half must get all the guns they can carry and blaze through the Taliban strong hold and just, "Smoke them out". The result is the same, if they succeed it would be great for the locals and if they fails the nation will be jubilant.

Please get out of your self erected bunkers and do something concrete, not just kill the innocent soldiers for your own political gains.

If talking with the beast is not an option why are we ever talk with the greatest of them all

American and its illegitimate sibling India?

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