Thursday, November 5, 2009

Karachi Train Collision

The people were very happy that at least the gateway to Pakistan, "Karachi" is relatively calm and safe then what is going on in the capital and around. Well, what do you say, the respect we have for the human sentiments and lives, how is it possible that Karachi can shy away from the death going up country.

Alas, they could find a serial killer or a suicide bomber to perform the task so they took the most trusted method of killing people, "train".

It is a failure on our part to still stop these accidents from happening, this time it was a bit different as well as there was no fog, bad light, faulty signal or things like that.

I hope to make a law that will bound the high and mighty to travel via this medium. Although this will make it more bankrupt(like PIA) but at least it will be safer yet again!

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