Thursday, November 12, 2009

News happened on 12 and 13 Nov

Last twenty four hours were very turbulent, therefore it is difficult to stick to just one topic. This entails to touch upon all the important news that happened during this time.

An Iranian consulate official was killed in an ambush in Peshawar - the usual way(unidentified gunmen). Pakistani government has given the orders of a probe into the matter but as the fate of all the previous probes lies in the air it is expected that this probe will be met with the same fate.

It was not long time back when many of Iranian elite national guard commanders were killed in Iran and the blame was bluntly placed on Pakistan and now one of their consulate staff member is gunned down in Peshawar. If one links the dots they are pointing towards some bigger picture.

In the recent past there has been increased activity of American citizens in the city, they are well disguised and look like the locals and speak excellent Pushtu. If one considers this fact in mind it is very easy to link them with the extreme unrest this city in particular and the country in general is going through.

The question is when will we find the right leadership to curb this ever increasing menace of American hegemony in the country.

In the same respect yet another bombing attack was carried out at Pakistan's spy agency offices in Peshawar this morning, death toll unknown yet. It is prudent to mention here that is particular agency is under the line of American fire for quite some time now and with the number of US agents swarming in the city it is not that difficult to determine who could have carried these recent attacks.

The Americans seems to be flabbergasted by the German general who invented the propaganda machine and his concept is taken to the highest standards by the standard less US policy makers. They are using this tool to wage wars, discredit people/governments and fulfill their own agenda. The time has come for the Pakistani officials to point their fingers at the right direction to safeguard themselves and their families from the menace that the US is creating in the country.

In the above paragraphs we were talking about the leadership that has the ability to call a spade a spade.

The recent reports by the French media on the allegations of kick backs taken by the present president Zardari are creating a lot of ripples in the political circles in Pakistan.

French journalist Guillaume Dasquie says: ‘Today we are absolutely sure that Mr Zardari received a lot of kickbacks from this contract signed in September 1994, with DCN, the builder of the submarine.’

With this kind of leadership it is certain that we will be facing though times for a long time to come. It is we the people of Pakistan that are to blame for the mess this great country is at the moment, cause we have elected these hooligans and now we have to face the music till the time that we do not select some one who is capable to rise to the occasion and is above all loyal to the county and the country men.

We must join out hands to save our country from the enemies beyond our borders and the enemies within. It merits us to elect persons whose character and loyalty to nation is beyond doubt and we must cast our vote rising above the feudal, cast, sect or personal level.

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