Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road blocks due to Pakistan's part in war on terror, KFC copying MOD

MOD building is being sealed and cordoned off by using some very crude methods. In fact as per this news clipping most of the adjacent areas and important roads plying heavy traffic are closed to ordinary citizen of this great country.

The same attitude can be seen on the famous multi-national food chain situated just across the road form the MOD building. All the critics making all kind of comments on the passive measures taken by governmental departments must take a look at this cordoning off measures being taken by this outlet. Well one can argue that this is not an elaborate measure as is taken by MOD officials, but then this is not that big an organization as MOD too.

I wish the civic societies can take a good look into the matter and try to stream line the encroachments made in the name of security. This is an eye opener for the local law enforcement agencies enforcing building laws.

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