Sunday, October 4, 2009

Swat Operation

The world is stunned as regards to the way Swat operation is conducted, the mind set in the initial stages was to bog the great Pakistan Army in this morass and at the right time attack from two prongs, i.e. Western and Eastern borders to take US down. All the planners must be either fired or shot by their masters on this miscalculation.

Their was a propaganda by the same planners to defame the Pakistanis and to label the criminals and the thugs sponsored by the foreign forces as "talibans" by leaking so called videos of girl's beating and savage brutality shown by these criminals towards the innocent men and women by beheading and killing them in cold blood. It is clear in the mind of the people of Pakistan that a Muslim can never ever dream of committing such heinous crimes and that the so called religious fanatics are not what they are known in public but are just an extension of the evil forces who wants to extend their great evil game inside Pakistani territory.

This is a worthy lesson for the US of A and her allies to get themselves out of the unnecessary wars they have waged on the countries the world over and set their own homes in order. We do not see any need of WORTHY Americans lives being lost in the battle that are never won ever by anyone, if this is the case tell Mr Bush and Me Obama to send in their daughters to fight along side with the brave men and women fighting what "they" describe the ultimate war to preserve their culture heritage and the American way. Even if the US public cannot ask their bigwigs to do such a "crime" against their daughters they must at least all the senators and congressmen/women to do the same with their siblings.

This is the ultimate litmus test for showing the sincerity and belief in the words they utter every day to raise their own ulterior motives.

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