Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suicide attack in Iran

After creating havoc and destruction in Pakistan, menace of suicide attacks seems to make an ingress in Iran. It will be shear bad luck for both the countries to blame one another over these incidents as the parties and the countries behind such acts would like to see Pakistan and Iran at dagger's drawn on this issue.

Iran in the recent days has made quite significant enemies, but it is not the enemies she must be worried from but it is the friend that must give them real threat. I will leave the guess work and name it, yes it is India who is now not a sovereign state anymore but is becoming a puppet in the hands of the US and Israel. These two "sacred" nations are using India as a sacrificial goat against Iran, Pakistan and China.

Indians are at the moment are jubilant that they are being promoted as a regional power by the Western world, but sooner then later they will learn the lesson that their significance was not more than a pawn in a great chess game.

It is better for the policy makers sitting in the Indian capital to rethink their policies based on the US and Israel and driven by "Chankia's" ideology. Pakistan is the living example of the state in which it is at the moment due to the friendliness it has shown to the US since inception.

There are always two ways of learning:

a. The easy way

b. The hard way.

It is in the best interest of the Indians to learn form the mistakes that Pakistan made and not to drown themselves in the morass that the American are laying for them in the region.

Iran must keep the following saying in front

"Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer"!


  1. no one ever learns the easy way my dear, its always THE HARD WAY, and it will be the same with India too.

  2. To make them learn the hard way we must take a hard stance and this is the only thing that is missing at the moment, thanks for the comment dear