Sunday, October 11, 2009

Railway accidents and atttack on GHQ

We remember one of the worst accidents in our railway history when more then a couple of hundred people died in a train collision. We had a very famous political figure heading the railways those days and once asked whether he consider resigning over this tragic incident his answer was swift and as per the norms and custom of the politicians, "Why should i resign, i was not the driver!"

End of story and this practice which was going on since inception got its strength from this "courageous" statement of the sitting minister and we can see the results now in ever "better and refined" forms.

The heart of military might in Pakistan was attacked on Saturday, we must not beat the bush that some one warned or not about such a scenario. An attack occurred and this shows the utter failure of the entire intelligence community of the country that "predicted" such attacks but failed to stop them. It is just like that a bad doctor gives a broad spectrum anti-biotic to a patient with small cough to cover his own incompetence.

It was a total failure not only on the intelligence part but on the procedures in vogue as well, as if there was such a grave threat why it was allowed to materialize and why not stopped in the planning stage.

The basic question, "WILL SOME HIGH AND MIGHTY HEADS ROLL , or we the history will repeat itself as it had over such incidents in the past"

It seems we as a nation love to create a crises and then resolve it, is it not better not to let a crises hit us and make plan accordingly.


  1. i totally agree with u, its a shame that such an incident occured, GHQ is like a pentagon to us and to be under attack for this long a period and then people being killed is not acceptable.

  2. does this means we should start killing our own people of take the ones who are the real perpetrators if this unacceptable act.