Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ms Hillary,s visit to Pakistan

The US secretary of state Ms Hillary Clinton visit to Pakistan in at its final state, all the way it was the true replica of the days when this sub-Continent was ruled by the colonial British. Weather it is protocol that was extended to her, sealing off of Islamabad, humiliation of the common man on streets, worse traffic jams and above all the way our leaders greated her makes us believe that how to treat THE real ruler.

All the ceremonies hosted by the government or her affiliated agencies went very well. It was the non-governmental programmes that brought the true American face to all of us. The most famous slap on our face was the phrase she used a thousand time, "This is our money, we are not imposing it on you. It is up tothe government of Pakistan to accept it or not".

If we do not suffer from a memory loss a similar kind of a statement was given by some unknown American lawyer at the case of Mr Amil Kansi. He said that Pakistanis are ready to sell their mother for the right price.

Well i am not the one willing to take the money from the US of A neither am the supporter of leaving the American criminals who are caught while carrying illegal arms openly in the state capital owned by Mr Rehman Malik and Co.

I want to bring this to the attention of all the leaders that please lets join hands against this injustice by handful people.

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