Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ms Hillary,s visit to Pakistan

The US secretary of state Ms Hillary Clinton visit to Pakistan in at its final state, all the way it was the true replica of the days when this sub-Continent was ruled by the colonial British. Weather it is protocol that was extended to her, sealing off of Islamabad, humiliation of the common man on streets, worse traffic jams and above all the way our leaders greated her makes us believe that how to treat THE real ruler.

All the ceremonies hosted by the government or her affiliated agencies went very well. It was the non-governmental programmes that brought the true American face to all of us. The most famous slap on our face was the phrase she used a thousand time, "This is our money, we are not imposing it on you. It is up tothe government of Pakistan to accept it or not".

If we do not suffer from a memory loss a similar kind of a statement was given by some unknown American lawyer at the case of Mr Amil Kansi. He said that Pakistanis are ready to sell their mother for the right price.

Well i am not the one willing to take the money from the US of A neither am the supporter of leaving the American criminals who are caught while carrying illegal arms openly in the state capital owned by Mr Rehman Malik and Co.

I want to bring this to the attention of all the leaders that please lets join hands against this injustice by handful people.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suicide attack in Iran

After creating havoc and destruction in Pakistan, menace of suicide attacks seems to make an ingress in Iran. It will be shear bad luck for both the countries to blame one another over these incidents as the parties and the countries behind such acts would like to see Pakistan and Iran at dagger's drawn on this issue.

Iran in the recent days has made quite significant enemies, but it is not the enemies she must be worried from but it is the friend that must give them real threat. I will leave the guess work and name it, yes it is India who is now not a sovereign state anymore but is becoming a puppet in the hands of the US and Israel. These two "sacred" nations are using India as a sacrificial goat against Iran, Pakistan and China.

Indians are at the moment are jubilant that they are being promoted as a regional power by the Western world, but sooner then later they will learn the lesson that their significance was not more than a pawn in a great chess game.

It is better for the policy makers sitting in the Indian capital to rethink their policies based on the US and Israel and driven by "Chankia's" ideology. Pakistan is the living example of the state in which it is at the moment due to the friendliness it has shown to the US since inception.

There are always two ways of learning:

a. The easy way

b. The hard way.

It is in the best interest of the Indians to learn form the mistakes that Pakistan made and not to drown themselves in the morass that the American are laying for them in the region.

Iran must keep the following saying in front

"Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer"!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Carpet Bombing

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children of our nation are being mercilessly butchered by these so called "Islam lovers". It is time to arrange a carpet bombing to wipe out the entire generation, if there is a shortage of conventional bombs, eliminate them with tactical nuclear device.

With the gun (so called Talibans) gone, the operation must be widened towards the countries and organizations behind the gun. It will do us no harm to drop a few of these tactical devices on the occupied forces operating on our Eastern and Western borders, later terming them as "friendly fire".

Action must speak louder then words this time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Traffic mess in Rawalpindi contd

What on Earth is a traffic light installed for, at a round-about. Can anyone give a rational!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Railway accidents and atttack on GHQ

We remember one of the worst accidents in our railway history when more then a couple of hundred people died in a train collision. We had a very famous political figure heading the railways those days and once asked whether he consider resigning over this tragic incident his answer was swift and as per the norms and custom of the politicians, "Why should i resign, i was not the driver!"

End of story and this practice which was going on since inception got its strength from this "courageous" statement of the sitting minister and we can see the results now in ever "better and refined" forms.

The heart of military might in Pakistan was attacked on Saturday, we must not beat the bush that some one warned or not about such a scenario. An attack occurred and this shows the utter failure of the entire intelligence community of the country that "predicted" such attacks but failed to stop them. It is just like that a bad doctor gives a broad spectrum anti-biotic to a patient with small cough to cover his own incompetence.

It was a total failure not only on the intelligence part but on the procedures in vogue as well, as if there was such a grave threat why it was allowed to materialize and why not stopped in the planning stage.

The basic question, "WILL SOME HIGH AND MIGHTY HEADS ROLL , or we the history will repeat itself as it had over such incidents in the past"

It seems we as a nation love to create a crises and then resolve it, is it not better not to let a crises hit us and make plan accordingly.

Benezir's assassination and K-L bill

Pakistani government have spent millions of our hard earned dollers on the fruitless investigation by a dummy UN investigative team. If one can just carefully analyse the whole saga, it would be a matter of days before we have the man behind the gun who purported such an act.

Just find the person who ordered the last minute alteration of providing an ordinary sun roof in a "bullet proof" SUV. As far as we the people of Pakistan knows Benezir was a hardcore politician and it was just a matter of time before she would have waved at the crowd owing to he political instincts.

Same goes for the recent K-L bill, there is not need to generate tension amongst the countries basic institutions. The best method is the nab the secret team that negotiated this shabby deal with the US. This will not only solve the present rift but will also pave the way for a stable democracy for the times to come.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Swat Operation

The world is stunned as regards to the way Swat operation is conducted, the mind set in the initial stages was to bog the great Pakistan Army in this morass and at the right time attack from two prongs, i.e. Western and Eastern borders to take US down. All the planners must be either fired or shot by their masters on this miscalculation.

Their was a propaganda by the same planners to defame the Pakistanis and to label the criminals and the thugs sponsored by the foreign forces as "talibans" by leaking so called videos of girl's beating and savage brutality shown by these criminals towards the innocent men and women by beheading and killing them in cold blood. It is clear in the mind of the people of Pakistan that a Muslim can never ever dream of committing such heinous crimes and that the so called religious fanatics are not what they are known in public but are just an extension of the evil forces who wants to extend their great evil game inside Pakistani territory.

This is a worthy lesson for the US of A and her allies to get themselves out of the unnecessary wars they have waged on the countries the world over and set their own homes in order. We do not see any need of WORTHY Americans lives being lost in the battle that are never won ever by anyone, if this is the case tell Mr Bush and Me Obama to send in their daughters to fight along side with the brave men and women fighting what "they" describe the ultimate war to preserve their culture heritage and the American way. Even if the US public cannot ask their bigwigs to do such a "crime" against their daughters they must at least all the senators and congressmen/women to do the same with their siblings.

This is the ultimate litmus test for showing the sincerity and belief in the words they utter every day to raise their own ulterior motives.