Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travelling 1, Lahore - Islamabad

Traveling from Lahore to Islamabad by road is fun, there are two routes available as under:

1. M 2. It is a road built by Nawaz Sharif through a Korean company back when he was the PM, it is a beautiful motorway, for all of us who are living in small towns and are forced to travel on pitted, rutted and broken roads all our lives. This road gives them all a great experience of traveling on a flat carpeted surface without any humps and bumps. The view is great and one can experience the vast planes of Punjab, along with hills and mountains and off course the motorway meandering through them like a big black snake. One has to be a bit careful when coming onto it, as, the car and all its components must be in immaculate condition as there is a little help available once u are on road and also that the service stations are at great distances. I will say for a new comer or some one seeking for a smooth drive M 2 is the right choice.

2. GT Road. Grand trunk road or GT road was built by Sher Shah Suri back in the Mughal era and was initially linking Kabul with Delhi. This is a good road, with a reasonable smooth drive and off course the distance between Lahore and Islamabad is short therefore less consumption of fuel. The only hitch that makes it uncomfortable is the bad patch between Lahore and Gujranwala. Although it is only around 50 km but it seems that like all the other steps of good governance taken by federal and provincial governments the contractors here are also looking for the perfect mix for the road hence it is being delayed year after year without any respite to the commuters. Otherwise, it is a great way to travel, one can see all the major minor cities and towns and can find all the traditional stuff to eat and all kind of mechanical help and also CNG, at every corner. If you are a non veg then "Mian ji da hotel" is the perfect stop. They have the most delicious and filling "parathas and chane ki dal" i have ever tasted, if one is on a diet a lighter Chinese menu is also available. Pan from Jehlum city and children's park along various CNG/petrol stations makes this road an ideal way for the commuters who enjoy all such things.

There are few other routes as well but as they are not used as a common practice by the people traveling between the two cities so i am refraining mentioning them. Next time our stop will be Abbotabad.

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