Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Traffic Mess - Rawalpindi 4

The situation seems to be worsening after the "darbar" conducted by the warden police chief. We are facing many variations of "gardies" as:

Dehshat gardi: Terrorism

Police gardi: Police state

Awara gardi: Governmental services

and now the last but not the least is

Warden gardi: Traffic police state

After giving such a preview lets come to the point, it is a matter of concern as a citizen of this city that all the public matters must be discussed and propagated before implementation. If the traffic police thinks they we the public are not eligible enough to be incorporated in their "genius traffic plan" at least they can publicize their innovative ideas to minimize the humiliation we the daily commuters have to suffer.

The recent impulsive traffic diversion of the road in front of "gora qabristan" is an example, it was set in without any prior warning and am sure most of the people traveling on that route must be late to wherever they were going.

If the concerned citizens will not write and comment on such "crimes" the day is not far when we will be humiliated more by the "public servants"!


  1. Poor thinking, So
    No comments from any one.

  2. yeah u can say that but this is one feels when one is stuck in the traffic jams for hours without warning
    but ur comments are welcome
    do send in more