Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traffic Mess - Rawalpindi 1

All the residents of Rawalpindi who are badly affected by the recent experimental tactics by our beloved traffic police, please comment and give your suggestion for the improvement and if any "high and mighty" is known to any one of you out there please let him/her know what kind of agony the masses have to go through when there is no police squad in front.

I will begin with the two issues here:

a. Speed breakers on the main Murree road, as far as i can see, other than catering for some "hidden and spooky under hand deal" they serve none of the purpose they are installed for.

b. Traffice signal at Ammar round about. Now this is the piece of art, have any one out there know a rule that signals can be placed at a round about, as far as my humble knowledge is concerned, round abouts are made to avoid signals. The day these signals are em placed traffic is a mess there as well.

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