Monday, September 28, 2009

Rawalpindi/Islamabad - Abbotabad

There are few routes available, as follows

a. Islamabad via GT road to Hasan Abdal onto Abbotabad through Haripur.

b. Islamabad - Taxila- Haripur - Abbotabad.

c. Islamabad - Burhan( via M2) - Hasan Abdal - Haripur - Abbotabad.

We will discuss the last route as all the others were rendered unfit to travel on due to bad road conditions, road being narrow and security reasons.

It takes around 40 minutes on M2 to reach Burhan, from there on it is about 90 minutes drive on a single road to Abbotabad, fuel and CNG is available in abundance along the way so one does not have to worry about it prior commencing the journey.

Once in Abbotabad, entry is through the main bus station so it is a bit chocked at times, once you are through it is smooth driving from there onward. There are many sights to see;

a. People. The people of Abbotabad unlike any other city are well educated and always tend to help.

b. Golf course. Abbotabad affords one of the most beautiful golf course in Pakistan i have ever laid my eyes on, with lush green grass and the most beautiful and amazing chinar tress i can easily say it comes as the most scenic course in the country.

c. Shimla Hills. On the Western side of the city a road is creeping up through the city towards Shimla hills, one can have a great view of the city from there and can see enjoy the dusk and dawn while having snacks as a compliment.

d. Ilyasi Masjid. This is the main tourist attraction of the city apart from its historic prospective and ever running spring, the place is famous for the best potato "pakoras" and tea in town.

e. Shinwari hotel. Any one who wants to have a bite at the traditional namkeen handi and tikka can have it there it is around 5 km ahead of Ayub Medican Collage on Mansherra road.

f. Jhuggian. No place is good enough if it does not have the shopping area to go along and for the female gender this is a must go area, just remember, one must be proficient in the art of negotiating to get a fair deal.

g. Harnoi Nullah. This is a place where one can just sit around with his/her feet in flowing water for hours, it is located on the Murree road about 20 km from the main city.

h. Thandiani. Another height where the cool breeze filtering from the pine tree makes it a must visit place.

Two or a maximum of three days are enough to explore the city and its adjacent attraction.

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