Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rawalpindi Traffice Mess 4

I can only say this that the two "brands" of police are making it difficult for a common man to pass through. The guys on the left have parked their limo right on the main road and are fooling around regardless of the mess they are creating all around, and the guy on the right is ignoring them as there is no such violations taking place near to him.

This is called, "charagh tele aundhera"!

Please comment.


  1. Salam. Your blog is nice. Beautiful photographs. Best wishes. God is Great.

  2. thank you mahmood for writing such nice words, hope to see more words and comments from u for the betterment of the blog.

  3. i think u r just anti warden. i observed many positive changes after wardens (City Traffic Police Rawalpindi). They r honest they r not courpt. Try to apprecite them. Dr. Fahad

  4. u are right fahad, the reason am writing in such a tone is casue i feel the pain to see such an extraordinary service being used ont he whims of few