Friday, September 4, 2009

Present political crisis

Looking at the fighting factions daily on the news channels one thing is very clear that this all drama is stagged to divert the nation's attention form the following pressing issues

a. Smuggling of flour to Afghanistan.

b. Huge profits made by the mill owners with connection to both government and friendly opposition.

c. Rape of the national exchequer at the hands of "Rajas" of the power generation field.

Hope we may open our eyes and do something about it, before it is too late!


  1. I do not belive what the news says. I dont even watch the news. I personally belive that the USA should leave other countries alone. We have enough problems of our own. We do not need to be up in every ones business. We dont want yall in ours and we dont need to be inyours. Your religious, personal,political belifes are all your owns and we do not need to be pushing ours on you. :) I enjoyed reading your blog. I will be back to keep up with it.

  2. Thanks it was nice to find such great and prompt comments, well there is a difference between the fairyland and the real world. As a human being i also do not want that precious lives irrespective of their beliefs must not be lost cause of the wrong motives or ambitious of some high and mighty, so whenever u come across this kind of a situation do ponder upon it and try to rescue ur loved ones from such an adventure. Thanks for reading and liking my blog, i will be looking forward for your guidance and suggestions in making my blog to be heard in your part of the world as well just to give the other side of the story.