Monday, September 7, 2009

Police Warden - Rawalpindi

For one thing the police system is although upgraded to a more sophisticated warden system but still the only change that is visible on the roads is more traffic tickets and that too mostly to public transport and the humble "bike walas".

These highly paid intellectuals does not know the basics of traffic management, the glaring examples is the recent construction of roads in the downtown Pindi areas. The great construction companies feel their duty to cut of some major artery in the morning rush hours without any notice or sign and the great wardens are also mum to the situation till the time there is almost a riot erupting form the situation as people eager to reach their offices and children their schools find themselves trapped in an awkward situation.

It is time that these intellectuals must be taught some lesson to deal with such situations and not just to stand in shades on the crossings and intersections and veiling their time away, they must be proactive to address the situation that is developing mere few hundred feet from them and correct it in advance to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Please stop crises management and try to take measures to avoid a crises in the first place.

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