Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ICC Champion's Trophy

The recent match between Pakistan and Australia that concluded in the win of later sealed the fate for all the teams in this group, with Pakistan and Australia reaching into the semis and India and WI being knocked out of the tournament.

At the moment there is a match under progress between India and WI but it is rendered redundant cause of the Australian win over Pakistan. This has proved as a bombshell over millions of Indian supporters who were glued to their screens, not watching their countries match but the match of their ardent and worthy opponent Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan took the fight to the last ball and the repeated history, as in 1992 world cup WI defeated Australia to pave the way for Pakistan to reach the semi finals and eventually win it under the able captaincy of great Imran Khan.

All it can be said to our Indian supporters not loose heart and concentrate on upcoming series and leave the present!

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