Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ICC Champion's Trophy

The recent match between Pakistan and Australia that concluded in the win of later sealed the fate for all the teams in this group, with Pakistan and Australia reaching into the semis and India and WI being knocked out of the tournament.

At the moment there is a match under progress between India and WI but it is rendered redundant cause of the Australian win over Pakistan. This has proved as a bombshell over millions of Indian supporters who were glued to their screens, not watching their countries match but the match of their ardent and worthy opponent Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan took the fight to the last ball and the repeated history, as in 1992 world cup WI defeated Australia to pave the way for Pakistan to reach the semi finals and eventually win it under the able captaincy of great Imran Khan.

All it can be said to our Indian supporters not loose heart and concentrate on upcoming series and leave the present!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scenic Scenes

Traffic Mess - Rawalpindi 4

The situation seems to be worsening after the "darbar" conducted by the warden police chief. We are facing many variations of "gardies" as:

Dehshat gardi: Terrorism

Police gardi: Police state

Awara gardi: Governmental services

and now the last but not the least is

Warden gardi: Traffic police state

After giving such a preview lets come to the point, it is a matter of concern as a citizen of this city that all the public matters must be discussed and propagated before implementation. If the traffic police thinks they we the public are not eligible enough to be incorporated in their "genius traffic plan" at least they can publicize their innovative ideas to minimize the humiliation we the daily commuters have to suffer.

The recent impulsive traffic diversion of the road in front of "gora qabristan" is an example, it was set in without any prior warning and am sure most of the people traveling on that route must be late to wherever they were going.

If the concerned citizens will not write and comment on such "crimes" the day is not far when we will be humiliated more by the "public servants"!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nature beauties 3

Nature beauties

Nature beauties

Rawalpindi/Islamabad - Abbotabad

There are few routes available, as follows

a. Islamabad via GT road to Hasan Abdal onto Abbotabad through Haripur.

b. Islamabad - Taxila- Haripur - Abbotabad.

c. Islamabad - Burhan( via M2) - Hasan Abdal - Haripur - Abbotabad.

We will discuss the last route as all the others were rendered unfit to travel on due to bad road conditions, road being narrow and security reasons.

It takes around 40 minutes on M2 to reach Burhan, from there on it is about 90 minutes drive on a single road to Abbotabad, fuel and CNG is available in abundance along the way so one does not have to worry about it prior commencing the journey.

Once in Abbotabad, entry is through the main bus station so it is a bit chocked at times, once you are through it is smooth driving from there onward. There are many sights to see;

a. People. The people of Abbotabad unlike any other city are well educated and always tend to help.

b. Golf course. Abbotabad affords one of the most beautiful golf course in Pakistan i have ever laid my eyes on, with lush green grass and the most beautiful and amazing chinar tress i can easily say it comes as the most scenic course in the country.

c. Shimla Hills. On the Western side of the city a road is creeping up through the city towards Shimla hills, one can have a great view of the city from there and can see enjoy the dusk and dawn while having snacks as a compliment.

d. Ilyasi Masjid. This is the main tourist attraction of the city apart from its historic prospective and ever running spring, the place is famous for the best potato "pakoras" and tea in town.

e. Shinwari hotel. Any one who wants to have a bite at the traditional namkeen handi and tikka can have it there it is around 5 km ahead of Ayub Medican Collage on Mansherra road.

f. Jhuggian. No place is good enough if it does not have the shopping area to go along and for the female gender this is a must go area, just remember, one must be proficient in the art of negotiating to get a fair deal.

g. Harnoi Nullah. This is a place where one can just sit around with his/her feet in flowing water for hours, it is located on the Murree road about 20 km from the main city.

h. Thandiani. Another height where the cool breeze filtering from the pine tree makes it a must visit place.

Two or a maximum of three days are enough to explore the city and its adjacent attraction.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travelling 1, Lahore - Islamabad

Traveling from Lahore to Islamabad by road is fun, there are two routes available as under:

1. M 2. It is a road built by Nawaz Sharif through a Korean company back when he was the PM, it is a beautiful motorway, for all of us who are living in small towns and are forced to travel on pitted, rutted and broken roads all our lives. This road gives them all a great experience of traveling on a flat carpeted surface without any humps and bumps. The view is great and one can experience the vast planes of Punjab, along with hills and mountains and off course the motorway meandering through them like a big black snake. One has to be a bit careful when coming onto it, as, the car and all its components must be in immaculate condition as there is a little help available once u are on road and also that the service stations are at great distances. I will say for a new comer or some one seeking for a smooth drive M 2 is the right choice.

2. GT Road. Grand trunk road or GT road was built by Sher Shah Suri back in the Mughal era and was initially linking Kabul with Delhi. This is a good road, with a reasonable smooth drive and off course the distance between Lahore and Islamabad is short therefore less consumption of fuel. The only hitch that makes it uncomfortable is the bad patch between Lahore and Gujranwala. Although it is only around 50 km but it seems that like all the other steps of good governance taken by federal and provincial governments the contractors here are also looking for the perfect mix for the road hence it is being delayed year after year without any respite to the commuters. Otherwise, it is a great way to travel, one can see all the major minor cities and towns and can find all the traditional stuff to eat and all kind of mechanical help and also CNG, at every corner. If you are a non veg then "Mian ji da hotel" is the perfect stop. They have the most delicious and filling "parathas and chane ki dal" i have ever tasted, if one is on a diet a lighter Chinese menu is also available. Pan from Jehlum city and children's park along various CNG/petrol stations makes this road an ideal way for the commuters who enjoy all such things.

There are few other routes as well but as they are not used as a common practice by the people traveling between the two cities so i am refraining mentioning them. Next time our stop will be Abbotabad.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rawalpindi Traffice Mess 4

The city traffic mess is better not because of the traffic management but because of less volume of traffic plying on the road due to Eid holidays. I hope that that my dear citizens are not once again victimized due to this mess.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rawalpindi Traffice Mess 4

I can only say this that the two "brands" of police are making it difficult for a common man to pass through. The guys on the left have parked their limo right on the main road and are fooling around regardless of the mess they are creating all around, and the guy on the right is ignoring them as there is no such violations taking place near to him.

This is called, "charagh tele aundhera"!

Please comment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rawalpindi Traffice Mess 3

Still there is no feed back from the concerned citizens from the beautiful city of Rawalpindi. Here is just a sample picture of the mess that is created just when the schools opened, i wounder why cant this work can be executed during the summer holidays.


Can an elected government with high and mighty whose names are one the top in the Forbes wealthiest list can humiliate a nation more then this?


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hijacking of a Mexican Plane

Will we call it a Christian terrorist, no we will not, cause he is not a Muslim therefore it is a crime to bring the religion into such incidents when one is not a Muslim.

Congrats - Rawalpindi traffic police

DO I NEED TO SAY MORE, a picture worth thousand words!


No part on this truck is safe from a dent or a bend less the right hand side tail light, what i have heard and seen the armed forces are proud to keep their vehicles spik and span. If this what they mean by maintainence then i can foresee what the other government departments in Pakistan must be doing to the Government property bestowed upon them by the poor taxpayers.

Traffic Mess - Rawalpindi 2

The situation is getting worse day by day as the construction companies closed off a vital road in front of "Gora Qabristan" making the locals suffer an agony that is unheard off in civil societies, this coupled with the mushroom growth of schools have made the situation bad to worse.

Still no one cares i guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traffic Mess - Rawalpindi 1

All the residents of Rawalpindi who are badly affected by the recent experimental tactics by our beloved traffic police, please comment and give your suggestion for the improvement and if any "high and mighty" is known to any one of you out there please let him/her know what kind of agony the masses have to go through when there is no police squad in front.

I will begin with the two issues here:

a. Speed breakers on the main Murree road, as far as i can see, other than catering for some "hidden and spooky under hand deal" they serve none of the purpose they are installed for.

b. Traffice signal at Ammar round about. Now this is the piece of art, have any one out there know a rule that signals can be placed at a round about, as far as my humble knowledge is concerned, round abouts are made to avoid signals. The day these signals are em placed traffic is a mess there as well.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Traffice Management

Traffic is jam as there is no guidance system to control the mushroom construction activities.

Police Warden - Rawalpindi

For one thing the police system is although upgraded to a more sophisticated warden system but still the only change that is visible on the roads is more traffic tickets and that too mostly to public transport and the humble "bike walas".

These highly paid intellectuals does not know the basics of traffic management, the glaring examples is the recent construction of roads in the downtown Pindi areas. The great construction companies feel their duty to cut of some major artery in the morning rush hours without any notice or sign and the great wardens are also mum to the situation till the time there is almost a riot erupting form the situation as people eager to reach their offices and children their schools find themselves trapped in an awkward situation.

It is time that these intellectuals must be taught some lesson to deal with such situations and not just to stand in shades on the crossings and intersections and veiling their time away, they must be proactive to address the situation that is developing mere few hundred feet from them and correct it in advance to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Please stop crises management and try to take measures to avoid a crises in the first place.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sugar Mafia vs Punjab Govt

It is an hilarious drama going on for the past couple of days showing how the Punjab govt is "trying" to bring the sugar prices down by "negotiating with the sugar cartel.

Well for one thing, they all must be awarded the highest award in the field of acting, as they played their part so well that any by stander would have thought that the govt is really serious in doing such a "crime", as to bring the prices down.

Well it is a stage drams cause people sitting across the table during the meeting are one and the same before and after it, as most of the sugar cartel people, meaning the top notch sitting there are business partners or have "strong mutual" ties when it comes to sugar business, with the people who are "playing" the govt part.

This is the curse that a democracy brings when it is implemented in a country like Pakistan where the people just are unable to rise above the family or area politics.

THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Present political crisis

Looking at the fighting factions daily on the news channels one thing is very clear that this all drama is stagged to divert the nation's attention form the following pressing issues

a. Smuggling of flour to Afghanistan.

b. Huge profits made by the mill owners with connection to both government and friendly opposition.

c. Rape of the national exchequer at the hands of "Rajas" of the power generation field.

Hope we may open our eyes and do something about it, before it is too late!