Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joke of the day

New contingent of the Marines are told that they are going to make history in South Afghanistan, well this is double edged statement with dual meanings for the Talibans and the Americans.

With the former trying to make history with the max score (killings) and the latter trying to do the same, but in the opposite way. Any way one sees it, humans will be killed either way. With the first being killed as terrorist and the later as saviors of the mankind.

It is time now for the foreign forces to get out of the Afghan grove and try the locals to settle the issue amongst themselves. It will not only reduce the burden on the US economy but will also eliminate the very reason of terrorism.

American people must rise and end this insane bloodshed once and for all!

Hunting Grounds - Afghanistan

The British were the first to write about the rugged and indomitable terrains of Afghanistan a century ago. But i guess there is none in the British MoD who is an ardent reader of military history. With the death toll of the British stands at a massive 171 since 2001 and is expected to rise in the face of the upcoming US madness against the masses in near future.

This rugged and non inhabitant region once again seems to be a natural graveyard of the non natives (often called as Alians in the US of A).

It is time now for the British people to rise against this shear madness and utter useless waste of precious "British" blood on a non ending battle. Not only this but also earning British the nick of American poodle.

Act fast as time is running out!