Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran Saga

Well there we have it now, the new US president who came with a promise of change has started it off. Here are few of the changes that he and his crones have orchestrated:

1. Shifted the US killing machine from Iraq to Afghanistan initially.

2. When the blood thirst was not quenched there, engulfing the best "buddy" in the area that is Pakistan.

3. The (in) famous arm of the US covert operations CIA playing its part to destabilize Pakistan and distributing drug dollars to the mind and heart less people to carry out hostile activities in the country, thus killing innocent people.

4. With their plans not fulfilled they are now taking hold of Iran to destabilize the region so that they "serve and protect" their illegitimate child in the region.

5. The new axis of maga evil, US Israel and Hindustan has emerged in the region thus making the living of the regional people more difficult and thus pushing their agenda.

Having said all that, it is now clear that the great game is at the culminating point and it will not end till the time there is a visible winner. We in Pakistan must embrace ourself for the hard times to come and we must pray and must make some contributions as well towards the electing and not selecting of leaders that are at least loyal to the homeland.

Remember one such leader has the capacity to change the destiny of the country with prayers and the divine help.

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