Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Non adherence of rules and dirty shoes

Boots that reflects the personality of the wearer

bike is shining

shining bike

all have to wear helmets but i guess it is not applied to the police men!

Whom shall we call ?????????????????????????

This number is not digitally altered it is altered at site, i don't know what is the complaint number can anyone help me out there?

For Sale (Car or Army) ?

What shall we take it as the car of the army for sale?

The number is not disclosed to safe guard the identity of the user

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring continues

Various Phases of the flower

Various Phases of a Rose without the sweet fragrance but beautiful skin

Yellow rose- Symbol of many gestures in different traditions

Yellow and green contrast

Flower within a flower

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sprning has set in


Difference between the shop is clearly visible on the buildings above

Somalian Piracy Epidemic

Here is another good target for the American drones to kill yet another thousands of "suspected" terrorists hiding in the main cities of Somalia.

Well am just keeping my figures crossed to hear from our "great Taliban leader" Mr Ahmed Shah Mahsood to claim another responsibility of the attack and subsequent taking over of an American sea liner in the Indian Ocean.

It will be indeed another feather in the cap of the "great leader", and all the journalists interviewing him never ask about his knowledge of the whereabouts of the hijacked ocean liner or the location of Indian Ocean.

I hope you all get what am saying!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carnage in Temecula, California USA

Yet again another incident of shooting occurred in California where the Governor is the man with the iron hand (Mr Schwarzenegger). Well we all here in Pakistan are waiting for the "great idiot" Mr Mahsood to take yet another responsibility of an attack even whose broad whereabouts he does not know.

It is a humble request to the US authorities to deploy around 100 drones equipped with hellfire and PGMs to guard against the recent surge in the "terrorist" activities within its own boundaries as these trends are very dangerous for the rest of the word.


Let some other country come in and do the clean up like the Israelis who are the master of disguise and massacre and can annihilate the complete county without remorse and the icing on the cake will be that they will prove that the county people were the aggressors and they just fired in self defense.

You must take action now to curb the terrorism within.