Sunday, March 29, 2009

Srilankan attack and police academy attack

One wonders where are all these so called motivated "jahidies" are coming from. First they tend to destroy the country's image by targeting a cricket team that came to Pakistan against all odds, now they have turned their guns towards the police training academy in Lahore.

One thing can be said that enough is enough, if US of A is all bent upon fighting an unknown enemy in Afghanistan she can do so at her own wish and will for as long as she likes. If they are fearing of the spillover or a infiltration from and to Afghanistan they can always use help of the expertise of their border security forces that have erected a fence along the Mexican borders or if that is not enough they can use the expertise of their illegitimate child that have erected a fence to deprive the Palestinian from their homeland.

This suggestion if not self generated in the American regime must be aired from Pakistan. If they are not interested to exercises the measures Pakistan can erect such a fence like the Indians did and can augment it with a comprehensive network of roads to have an effective check on any movements in and out of that region.

Coming back to the two incidents, there is no doubt about the Indian hands in the above mentioned incidents. What we here in Pakistan can wish that Allah may give the strength and the courage to the people at the helm of affairs for having the courage and the power to say at least what is right and just don't give voice to the American or Indian sayings.

There is also a need to rescue the police and the other law enforcing agencies from the grasp of the politicians and the big wigs so that they can keep the city safe in general and themselves in particulars. As far as the species they are protecting at the moment, Alhamdollilah they are self sufficient to spend a couple of thousand rupees from their pocket to protect their own lives. Well this is not a must that they have to spend it from their own pocket they can always claim the funds from the national exchequer in the name of "Supreme National Interest".

May Allah help us all!


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