Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rawalpindi bomb blast

There was yet another tragic incident in the heart of Pindi, I will not go to the stats of the incident. It is because, for us they are just mere numbers but one must imagine that a complete family is destroyed and the pattern of their lives are changed for ever in an instant.

The more pain full was the statement given by one out of the couple of non elected and persons, holding powerful office in the federal government that is the interior ministry, that ,"there will be a series of a such blast in the coming days".

Why don't we hang such people who live in fortified places and travel in bullet proof cars and although having the power, capacity and the resources to curb such terrorists, are not fulfilling their job they are elected for! Ops, they are not elected at all so this means they are answerable to none, just like a military ruler.

I guess the only thing missing to resolve such issues is the will. The time is right to make them understand that by giving merely the statements and raising alarms will not do it. Some thing concrete and effective must be seen and felt to relieve the nation of their wounds

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