Thursday, March 12, 2009

Phone calls from the US small timers to our big time leaders

I am happy that the president is receiving the calls from Mr Holbrooke at least. I am seeing the days when a peon or a staffer ranking grade 1 will call our "supreme leader" and snub him.

Remember our supreme leader was snubbed by the Indian foreign minister in the middle of night as well.

There is a famous Urdu saying, "Nauker ki te nakhra ki". When we are taking millions of dollars from the US and the others then how can we negate their demands and wishes. Our heads are bowed to them in such a way that our asses are wide open for the Indians and they are rogering them the way an enemy's ass deserves to be rogered.

With this kind of ill mentalities running the country i hope that we desperately needs some Devinne help to maintain our independence and sanctity that is already marred by the drone attacks, ground offensives and thousands of foreign personals operating above the law in this lawless country.

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