Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long March

The government has taken over thousands of containers many loaded with goods and stuff under the garb of "National Interest". I think the IMF and the world bank must make it a case study.

Well the subject can be any of the following

"How to f..k the economy."
"The latest trends in derailing the already doomed economy."
"How to shatter the confidence of investors."

And the list can go on and on and on.

From the bad news that is surrounding us there are few bright signs as well as the statement given by a police officer that took a stand against the unlawful orders and commands, i wish that he does not end up in a local jail or worse be branded as Al-Qaeda and sent to Guantanamo which has gone worse since the new president has taken over. I guess they are also bringing in some "change" in the policy to kill the maximum numbers of inmates before they go down.

What was i writing and where it went. Anyways with the present leadership both government and the opposition and the touts as well or shall i say the in between, i pray that this country sail over from this massive storm and then the calmer waters bring a good and positive change.



  1. ummm but we already are pros when it comes to fucking with economy.

  2. very strong language from a lady