Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fuel versus cigarettes

The United States government has recently hiked the tax on cigarettes that has resulted in consumers paying up to $7 a pack, if we compare our state best pack of cigarette cost us less than a dollar here in Pakistan.

It is a a suggestion to the present popular government( that what every government calls itself) that if they are taking loans from the international organizations like the IMF and the World Bank and have to submit to their demands in doing so. They can levy taxes on items like the luxury cars and the cigarettes instead of killing the already over burdened common man by levying massive taxes on fuel and petroleum products.

This is a suggestion that will yield two results

a. Prices of daily commodities, inflation and high cost will come down drastically as these are all linked with the high fuel price.

b. This will increase the buying power of a common man thus no revenues will be lost in the sales of cigarettes and who knows the import of luxury cars/items might increase as well.

It is up to the so called experts who are sitting at the helm of affairs to at least open up their eyes and try to find some "out of the box" solution to the current economic problem!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Srilankan attack and police academy attack

One wonders where are all these so called motivated "jahidies" are coming from. First they tend to destroy the country's image by targeting a cricket team that came to Pakistan against all odds, now they have turned their guns towards the police training academy in Lahore.

One thing can be said that enough is enough, if US of A is all bent upon fighting an unknown enemy in Afghanistan she can do so at her own wish and will for as long as she likes. If they are fearing of the spillover or a infiltration from and to Afghanistan they can always use help of the expertise of their border security forces that have erected a fence along the Mexican borders or if that is not enough they can use the expertise of their illegitimate child that have erected a fence to deprive the Palestinian from their homeland.

This suggestion if not self generated in the American regime must be aired from Pakistan. If they are not interested to exercises the measures Pakistan can erect such a fence like the Indians did and can augment it with a comprehensive network of roads to have an effective check on any movements in and out of that region.

Coming back to the two incidents, there is no doubt about the Indian hands in the above mentioned incidents. What we here in Pakistan can wish that Allah may give the strength and the courage to the people at the helm of affairs for having the courage and the power to say at least what is right and just don't give voice to the American or Indian sayings.

There is also a need to rescue the police and the other law enforcing agencies from the grasp of the politicians and the big wigs so that they can keep the city safe in general and themselves in particulars. As far as the species they are protecting at the moment, Alhamdollilah they are self sufficient to spend a couple of thousand rupees from their pocket to protect their own lives. Well this is not a must that they have to spend it from their own pocket they can always claim the funds from the national exchequer in the name of "Supreme National Interest".

May Allah help us all!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rawalpindi bomb blast

There was yet another tragic incident in the heart of Pindi, I will not go to the stats of the incident. It is because, for us they are just mere numbers but one must imagine that a complete family is destroyed and the pattern of their lives are changed for ever in an instant.

The more pain full was the statement given by one out of the couple of non elected and persons, holding powerful office in the federal government that is the interior ministry, that ,"there will be a series of a such blast in the coming days".

Why don't we hang such people who live in fortified places and travel in bullet proof cars and although having the power, capacity and the resources to curb such terrorists, are not fulfilling their job they are elected for! Ops, they are not elected at all so this means they are answerable to none, just like a military ruler.

I guess the only thing missing to resolve such issues is the will. The time is right to make them understand that by giving merely the statements and raising alarms will not do it. Some thing concrete and effective must be seen and felt to relieve the nation of their wounds

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flight of Discovery

It was a great news of a successful lift off of the space shuttle discovery, but the thing here is what does the Americans wants to find in space.

If they want to build a better surveillance system so as their drones can kill more innocent people with more deadly accuracy then i as victim of their brutal policy does not approve of such missions.

Instead of spending such huge amounts in the space exploration they must divert these funds to be spent in mending their economy and towards the uplift of the poor people apart from giving the rest to child education and health care.

I hope that the new president with a slogan of "change" will try to give attention towards the core issues at hand and give away his dream of "world peace" so that we all can sleep live and die in peace.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Kiyani will not take over - Mullen

I guess the topic says it all!

During the recent statement JCS general Mullen told that COAS general Kiyani is not interested in taking over the power as his predecessor Musharraf did in 1999.

Well now we can think that there will be some other way less martial law to calm the present critical situation in Pakistan.

Thank you general Mullen for putting us wise on our very own COAS general Kiyani.

I guess now we will towards the US for the conformation and authentications of all the rumors and news we hear and have here right in Pakistan.

Still the news of our beloved information minister's resignation is not aired by any American so it must not be true then


What a country!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Phone calls from the US small timers to our big time leaders

I am happy that the president is receiving the calls from Mr Holbrooke at least. I am seeing the days when a peon or a staffer ranking grade 1 will call our "supreme leader" and snub him.

Remember our supreme leader was snubbed by the Indian foreign minister in the middle of night as well.

There is a famous Urdu saying, "Nauker ki te nakhra ki". When we are taking millions of dollars from the US and the others then how can we negate their demands and wishes. Our heads are bowed to them in such a way that our asses are wide open for the Indians and they are rogering them the way an enemy's ass deserves to be rogered.

With this kind of ill mentalities running the country i hope that we desperately needs some Devinne help to maintain our independence and sanctity that is already marred by the drone attacks, ground offensives and thousands of foreign personals operating above the law in this lawless country.

Long March

The government has taken over thousands of containers many loaded with goods and stuff under the garb of "National Interest". I think the IMF and the world bank must make it a case study.

Well the subject can be any of the following

"How to f..k the economy."
"The latest trends in derailing the already doomed economy."
"How to shatter the confidence of investors."

And the list can go on and on and on.

From the bad news that is surrounding us there are few bright signs as well as the statement given by a police officer that took a stand against the unlawful orders and commands, i wish that he does not end up in a local jail or worse be branded as Al-Qaeda and sent to Guantanamo which has gone worse since the new president has taken over. I guess they are also bringing in some "change" in the policy to kill the maximum numbers of inmates before they go down.

What was i writing and where it went. Anyways with the present leadership both government and the opposition and the touts as well or shall i say the in between, i pray that this country sail over from this massive storm and then the calmer waters bring a good and positive change.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ban on public gatherings

If the opposition can't have a long march to vent out their emotions, i am afraid then there will be some third power who will try to grab the opportunity provided by our money and power hungry politicians.

Musharraf is back

When will our leaders will know when to depart with grace, why do they want a donkey ride or shoe smacking to leave the scene?

Rampage in Alabama

It was indeed a tragic incident in which a man killed his old family members and few others before turning the gun to himself. This shows that this kind of killing spree is becoming the order of the day and can happen anywhere in the world.

The description of the man accused of such a massacre is only given out as, "white and in his 30s". I wounder what if the shooter was not white and worse a Muslim.

The head line round the world would have been


This all would have been written before any of the investigators were able to comment on the motive or the reason for such an act.

Although this is not a place to narrate a joke but here it is this is something that is happening all around us

A woman was attacked by a dog in NY, a man came forward and rescued her and killed the dog, now there can be three head lines depending on the rescuer

If he is a white male, " American hero saved a woman from the savage dog".

If he was black, "A black man killed the dog and saved the woman".

If he was a Muslim, " A Muslim terrorist killed an innocent American dog in broad day light in NY".

I hope we can see the things with a neutral prospective to have a better future for our coming generations.