Sunday, February 1, 2009

Srilankan War

It is a bit of relief for the people of Sri Lanka that after many years of fighting, bloody foreign funded civil war is coming to an end. At least the end is visible and more or less achievable. This fact is haunting few of her neighbours and giving them nightmares.

The best offensive in such kind of situations is to bring the human rights issue into lime light, this is the same tactic that India is trying to do at the moment. India was mum and was very happy on the Israeli killings of thousands of Philistine's people in Gaza (Yasir Arafat will be twisting and turning in his grave over this new Indian stance).

Here she is complaining to the world about the civilian causalities and the world powers those are in line with the forces of hegemony are singing the song in one tune. This is the time that the Sri Lankan government must stand firm on their objective of eliminating this menace once and for all and bring the much needed peace and harmony to the region.

The world must take into account the fact that till the time the affairs are in the hand of arms manufacturers, oil cartels and Zionist lobby the famous phrase used by the "beauty pageant-world peace" is just a day dreaming.

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