Sunday, February 22, 2009

No go areas - Karachi

The government these days seems keen to establish it's writ on the troubled areas of WANA and Swat, but the same government has totally failed to even impose it into one of the biggest cosmopolitan of Pakistan-Karachi.

We used to hear and see the road blocks, gates and barriers in the strong holds of ethnic influential in the government organized and run localities of Gulshan, PECHS and other areas.

My recent trip trip Karachi enlightened me that even the ever power full military run area The DHA is not even out of reach of these power full hooligans. There are many streets which have restricted entry, and few no entry.

Well if the military can bend its rule to accommodate these above the law people to do what ever they feel like.

If these is the state of affairs i guess we must seriously think on the lines of changing the business wing of the military into private limited so that they stop drawing the cash from the cash stripped national exchequer and will then work double hard to earn their bread and butter form the high and mighty they are already surviving with just a meager pay and resources.

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