Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Increase of US presence in Afghanistan and Shirya in Swat

With the news of a sharp increase in the ground troops coming "shortly" from the oval office, a long awaited news for the war mongers in the previous and present regime. Mr Obama who is the elected president on a slogan of "change" has really brought change to the white house policy towards Muslims, Mr Bush was killing the Iraqis and Mr Obama will kill the Afghans.

This is called a real change, it is a pity that now Pakistan will have to respond in a more positive way by putting its military might on double the scale it is at the moment into the "troubled region". I guess in case of any misadventure from the Indian side "boys" from cricket and hockey team will defend the vast frontiers.

Now with the Pakistani government acceptance of demands to enforce "Sharia-Islamic law" in troubled area of Swat the problems seems to be evaporating for the military and the law enforcement agencies. It is so far unclear what the ever power full CIA of the US of A will do to unsettle the formula for peace.

There is a remote hope that if the so called "Sharia" lovers are fake then implementation of this agreement will bring out the truth and it may pave the way for a long lasting peace on the heaven on earth Swat

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