Sunday, February 1, 2009

Car Wash

Jet air can get the dirt out from those "hard to reach" spots.

The lower part of the car includes the suspension, shocks, chassis, and numerous parts and tubes that are vital to the car's performance. Always give importance that they are cleaned properly and must be oiled in the end to ensure a smooth ride and a long life to the car.
The area around the front tire needs particular attention as in the new and modern "soft" cars the bumper and the lower mud guard are made of plastic and the areas where they join with the metal parts is very sensitive. Accumulating dust and grit may make these areas corrode and lead to rust and loose nuts and blots, giving unpleasant noises when on a bumpy road.
Rear tires are equally important as well, as they are host of few major components, must get them cleaned and oiled properly.

The foremost and major activity is getting your car washed as it entails getting up from bed (the most difficult part) then going to the service station queuing up and than wait for the electricity to come. It almost consumes whole day and sometimes it is ever harder than "mission impossible".

Here are few of the points that one shall keep in mind when getting the car serviced or washed.

Identify the area that are critical and needs to be cleaned well in order to give your car a long life.

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