Monday, February 23, 2009

No go areas - Islamabad

If Karachi was not enough the same no go areas are fast springing up in the posh and elite sectors of Islamabad. Why don't all the insecure people build a great wall and live there (for ever).

All the law enforcement agencies just first establish your writ on the country's capital before trying to do the same in the far flung areas.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No go areas - Karachi

The government these days seems keen to establish it's writ on the troubled areas of WANA and Swat, but the same government has totally failed to even impose it into one of the biggest cosmopolitan of Pakistan-Karachi.

We used to hear and see the road blocks, gates and barriers in the strong holds of ethnic influential in the government organized and run localities of Gulshan, PECHS and other areas.

My recent trip trip Karachi enlightened me that even the ever power full military run area The DHA is not even out of reach of these power full hooligans. There are many streets which have restricted entry, and few no entry.

Well if the military can bend its rule to accommodate these above the law people to do what ever they feel like.

If these is the state of affairs i guess we must seriously think on the lines of changing the business wing of the military into private limited so that they stop drawing the cash from the cash stripped national exchequer and will then work double hard to earn their bread and butter form the high and mighty they are already surviving with just a meager pay and resources.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Double Game

The news of the Pakistani bast from where the killer drones flow to kill our brothers is another example to why hypocrisy is not liked in Islam.

I think that telling the truth, abiding by law and choosing the right path must be made a crime and all such "criminals" must be put behind bars for good.

At least we will be able to say we have all the desirable components of a true man but we are not hypocrites.

Increase of US presence in Afghanistan and Shirya in Swat

With the news of a sharp increase in the ground troops coming "shortly" from the oval office, a long awaited news for the war mongers in the previous and present regime. Mr Obama who is the elected president on a slogan of "change" has really brought change to the white house policy towards Muslims, Mr Bush was killing the Iraqis and Mr Obama will kill the Afghans.

This is called a real change, it is a pity that now Pakistan will have to respond in a more positive way by putting its military might on double the scale it is at the moment into the "troubled region". I guess in case of any misadventure from the Indian side "boys" from cricket and hockey team will defend the vast frontiers.

Now with the Pakistani government acceptance of demands to enforce "Sharia-Islamic law" in troubled area of Swat the problems seems to be evaporating for the military and the law enforcement agencies. It is so far unclear what the ever power full CIA of the US of A will do to unsettle the formula for peace.

There is a remote hope that if the so called "Sharia" lovers are fake then implementation of this agreement will bring out the truth and it may pave the way for a long lasting peace on the heaven on earth Swat

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who need enemies

With the recent headlines it can be written with surity that we as a nation do not require enemies we have friends that can do the job for us

Pakistan determined to end Taliban’s growing threat: Zardari

CIA Helped India, Pakistan Share Secrets in Investigation of Attacks

Govt agrees to enforce Sharia in Malakand: 10-day truce by Swat Taliban

Friday, February 13, 2009

Australian Bushfires

Australia must be ware that the US has offered them the assistance, they must consult history before accepting any such aid. Remember they assisted, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and many other countries now they all are repaying many folds to what the US actually gave them.

I hope it does not end with drone attacks by the US on Sydney and Melbourne.


Flight 3407

Crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 from Newark that killed all the 49 people on board and one on ground came as a shock for the nation that has just survived from the near fatal crash of US Airways Flight 1549 on Jan 15th, which crashed landed in Hudson River and fortunately all 155 on board survived.

The doomed plane, a Bombraider Dash 8 Q400 having a capacity of 74 with two twin turboprop engines is perfectly capable to flying in cold and icy conditions and as the news goes that there was a sudden accumulation of ice on the wings is also not a big phenomenon that can bring the plane down.

What ever happened on board must be thoroughly investigated and this time the media must not pose the ice and the chilling conditions as the weapons of mass destruction used by the Muslims terrorists.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Incredible Pakistan contd......... Lahore @ Night

Single lone tree highlighted by the light

Nature and the man made structure

Beautiful arch

Traditional balcony

Light effects can change the facade of a structure and Lahore is beautiful enough to be lighted at every nook and corner

Incredible Pakistan contd......... Lahore PIA Planetarium

Incredible Pakistan contd......... Lahore Landmarks

Incredible Pakistan contd......... Lahore.....

Entering into a restricted area

who says Pakistan is a poor country

well done keep it up

flower pot on the mall

maulvies are trying to free kashmir

Incredible Pakistan contd......... Lahore

Mosque near fortress stadium

Alhamra Arts Council

WAPDA House, no wonder the organization is called a white elephant!

King's Mosque


Notice the level of pollution and the uncontrolled banners and the ever/over hanging electric wires that are destroying the beauty of this great city

Incredible Pakistan contd.........

boats following one another in a straight line in the vast and open sea

one of the beautiful harbor cities

Twin bay as seen from a height

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Incredible Pakistan contd.........

write any comment that you like

meandering road and the mountains

why cant we have desert safari here?

Incredible Pakistan contd.........

mountains, road and the sea a rare combination

ops there seems to be a dead end!
no it was just a mirage

Incredible Pakistan contd.........

Road disappearing in the mountains

Hills formation is unique and beautiful beside being barren

The road is visible like a winding black snake

A white washed barrel- nice road side protection

Incredible Pakistan contd.........

I always wondered the pattern and the lay of the mountain when ever i used to see it on Google earth but once i went there than i knew why i was unable to find the road once it enters into the mountain area.
Mud crafts by nature
Princess of hope

Beautiful sea between the mountains

Monday, February 9, 2009

Barren landscape

Back to the jungle

Caught in the sand storm

Incredible Pakistan 1

Just breath taking

Am not that good with the camera

The colors are nothing here as compared to the actual ones seen by the eyes

I wish this scenery remains like this and not polluted as the one we see in karachi

I wonder where this pass will take me

Incredible Pakistan

Mountain area on the wa


Who says we do not have world class beaches

Sign posting is the only clue to where you are going

Greenery along the way

Mountains in the distance