Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Water Bomb

The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to settle down and some sense is coming out. Pakistan as usual kept her eyes closed under various regimes when "Shining India" was erecting various dams on our vital water arteries.

All of a sudden it was dawned onto us that India is robbing us off the water that was guaranteed by the Indus Water Treaty. There was a usual hype and every body seemed to be deeply shocked and disturbed over the "sudden" development.

Some state enemies tried to take India to the World Court, and it was evident that some thing good for the poor country will come out of all this hyper activity.

Suddenly two things happened:

Soldiers of Islam on the Western borders sprang up to free the country from the shackles of immoral government.

Secondly, the Mumbai Saga was staged and was directed so well that despite of all our efforts of total submission towards India we were and are still cornered by all our "dear and old friends".

Let me remind all of us that we are not an industrial country and we are hugely, if not totally dependent on our agriculture. With the situation of the water crises going on in the country India don't need to wage a conventional, non-conventional, media or bollywood war to down Pakistan.

If the power struggle that is going on in the country at the moment linger on the way it is . This is a not a distant future when we will be facing the very question of day to day survival.

If this is not called anarchy or civil war i don't know what else can best define it?

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