Wednesday, January 21, 2009

US Intervention in Pakistan's Internal Affairs

With the ever increasing drone attacks, missile attacks and occasional incursion by the land forces, the Americans are expanding their sphere of interest to the local government system.

First step is reportedly taken by the US counselor of Lahore, his residence situated in the elitist area of Zafar Ali Road has seen much activity of all the "badmashs, kan tootas and kharpanchs" oops! I mean to say our local government nazims, naib nazims and a lot of other kind of representatives.

It is kind of Shabaz that he has taken a serious "note" and asked the honourable guest to refrain from such activities he is undertaking to strengthen the democracy at the "grass root level".

As the saying goes when the main door of one's house is insecure than rooms can not be defended, as the government is all bent and set to facilitate the US of A in whatever she wants and always ready to act on her whim. A province can not take a much needed offset from this shame full line.

At least some one has the courage to at least point out to what our "friends in need" are involved in.

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