Friday, January 30, 2009

RC Planes, helicopters, cars/jeeps and boats.

There is a great news for all the lovers of remote control (RC) gadgets, there is a cool shop i discovered with every kind of equipment you like here in sadar Rawalpindi. I have not only bought few items but the best thing about the shop is that the owner himself is into flying and takes very good care of the injured gadgets when new users like us bang it into some thing it is not made for.

The shop has some of the best aircraft and helicopters both for beginners and the professionals that is from the simple electric motors to 50 cc power petrol engines, with double and single rotar birds.

If you are in love with rc cars, jeeps, dirt cars, petrol or electric this is the place one must visit.

Hey this is not all, boat lovers can find every thing from the simple yatch to the speed boat including the always scary and most talked about, "The pirate ship".

All of the above comes with the gautrantee of spare and the ever smiling face of Qasim the guy behind the gun. Do not worry about the tutorials you can easilsy get it on request.

So hurry up and indulge yourself.

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