Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plight of CNG car owners

There is a great trend in converting petrol engines to a greener fuel that is CNG. It is economical and easily available being the indigenous production of Pakistan. Almost all the car having petrol engines plying on roads these days are running on CNG.

For the last couple of days there is a dramatic increase in the shortage of this home made product at the gas stations. The present situation in Lahore and many other surrounding areas/cities is such that almost 99% of the CNG stations are closed as there is no supply and the users are suffering because there is no one in the present regime to listen to them.

Bravo all the high and mighty who are at the helm of affairs, not accustomed to paying for the petty matters as fuel charges or are not bothered to even ask their drivers what is the fuel that is driving their seven series or 500 SELs.

I hope and wish my CNG users brothers and sisters luck and do share with us the information about the CNG stations which are still operative under such bleak circumstances.

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